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TruNorth Global Community

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A Global Wellness Community Powered by Purpose

About Us

TruNorth is growing an online community of changemakers, passionate and awakened individuals.  

Join our circle to make the biggest investment towards your Self, by digging in to do the Werk. Are you ready to embark on the most valuable journey of your lifetime?

Our Community

Founded in Denver, Colorado, our vibrant community is flourishing both in-person and online. TruNorth brings Black and BIPOC persons together, uniting in a shared mission to heal the world, beginning with the important journey of healing our selves.  

We offer events, community circles, online and in-person workshops and services that focus on decolonizing wellness practices.    

Our network of healers, coaches and practitioners offer practices and services that span a wide array of origins, cultures, and modalities.  

Our mission to empower our communities to (re)rediscover their agency and power in their healing journey, remembering that we all have the power and ability to heal, and to contribute towards the healing of this world.